Letter to Mrs. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, October 9th 1916

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Shorncliffe, Oct 9/16
Dear Mother,
	There is not very much news to tell you as none of us know what is going
to be done with us, but this camp is going to be changed around a lot in a
few days. As far as we know the artillery will all move to a place called
Merryfield for the winter except the two new batteries. The cavalry who are
in Somerset
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Barracks just beside us are to move to Canterbury. The two new batteries
are then going to move into Somerset Barracks. They are five quarters being
the best around here and Shornecliffe Camp is supposed to be the best in
England. We will be in buildings then, as it will soon be getting too cold
an wet for sleeping in tents. The rest of the camp is going to be a
hospital or for Imperial
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troops or something. Of course none of us know what is going to be done
with us until it happens.
	We are still sleeping in the same tent in 2nd Battery and get our meals
there. The tent will soon be broken up and of course we are sorry but going
over with [this] battery, the battery sticks together. The others will be
all separated in France. Caverhill started an officers course to-day. He
was a qualified lieutenant in the cavalry and a graduate of [Trent/Trinity]
when he
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	Last week the new battery was just putting in time. We would go[crossed
out] march down to the seaside and sit along the beach until it was time to
go back or else go [in] a bush and eat berries. On Sunday we brought our
guns up from the station. They are 4.5 howitzers of the latest type, direct
from the arsenal. This morning we received our [?] [desks], field dressing
and ration bag from the quartermaster and this afternoon we had section gun
drill for an hour. We will be getting down to work now and it will be quite
a change. Guess this is all now. Love to all. Gordon.