Letter to Mr. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, November 1st 1916

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Risboro Barracks, Shornecliffe
Nov 1/16
Dear Dad,
	Rec'd the parcel you sent all O.K. and also the M.O. I have not spent any
of it yet but it is nice to have something in case you should need it. What
two months were my assigned pay for? I guess it [went] just before Aug
& Sept.
	We sure have had a fierce time here the last two weeks raining every day
and still in tents. We had to be out by the end of the month so it was just
like the army to leave us there till the 31st. The mud was six inches deep
around the tents and a pond of water under the boards.
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P.S. You need not show this to Mother if you think it will worry her.

The tents leaked, everybody was wet and several tents blew over in the
storm but we managed to keep ours up. A cigarette is quite a comfort in
weather like that. Nearly every body had wet feet as the boots we get
issued in Canada are just like blotting paper. I had not worn one of my
pair and had traded them for a pair of British issue and so I had dry feet.
However it is all over and we are in fine quarters now.
	It is hard to prophecy when we are going over but we expect It will be in
a few weeks so I am giving my address as the Army Post Office.
	Must close now as it is mail time and they are coming around. Gordon.