Letter to Mrs. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, November 7th 1916

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Tuesday, Now 7/16
Dear Mother,
	Received the letter Mary wrote with your note enclosed to-day. Mary says
she is having an awfully good time.
	Did I tell you in my last letter that part of our horses were here. That
means more work but there are only half of them and the gunners help. When
all our horses come everybody will have a horse to feed clean and look
after. I have cleaned a horse several times and don't mind it at all. The
gunners go down to the stables about half an hour after reveille half an
hour at noon and at four in the afternoon. Everything is done by the
trumpet call and an old Ontario
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farmer sure would laugh as I think there is more ceremony about feeding the
horses than when the king of England eats. The horses know what each
trumpet call means about as well as we do and get pretty excited when the
time comes around for feeding them.
	We are still working on the guns most of the time but it rains nearly
every day and you can't do very much. We have had no frost here yet or cold
weather but lots of rain and when it is damp you feel the cold more.
	All the rest of the 67th draft are in France now except the dozen that are
in this battery. We have heard from several of them. They were all broken
up, two or sometimes three going to a battery. They have all the nasty and
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work to do and have to work up so I was lucky in being put in this new
battery - the only thing is they beat us over to France. I am under good
officers too - our C.O. Major Harris is supposed to be one of the best
artillery officers in the C.F.A.
	I was down to Folkestone Sat and really got my photos taken at last but it
required some courage. It was a pretty swell place I went to - they had
some wonderful portraits and paintings in the art gallery. [?] George had
his picture taken there so I was lucky that M.O. came from Dad. The proofs
are to be ready to-morrow. I also got some Xmas cards printed.
	I was down last night and saw "the Whip" at the Pleasure
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P.S. Am going to make some toast on our [underscored] grate fire now.

Gardens Theatre. It was real good, it being a first class company. There
was a horse race and a train wreck right on the stage.
	I have applied for a pass this weekend and intend to go to London and to
Bramshott to see the Strathroy fellows.
	A large draft of artillery arrived here a couple of days ago. Practically
all the 67th came over on a draft. I guess the 67th will have to be
disbanded as there are only half a dozen or so left in it. It is too bad
that it had to come over in drafts as it has raised enough men to fill two
	Am enclosing some snaps taken around here. There are twenty so hope they
all arrive. I did not take them all but have been in them all. Will send
some more in a couple of days.
	Tell Dorothy how glad I am she is getting on so good at school. Guess this
is all now. Love to Dad, Dorothy & yourself.