Letter to VW from Edward White Benson 2 July 1885

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Lambeth Palace
July 2 1885

Dear Lady Welby,

I was very sorry on learning is to find as instant prick of work to be done
-- and just I was sending it I had a message that you were gone.

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I really wished to hear a few words, and perhaps this [still?] may be [?]
I am sorry to have lost this opportunity

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but before this next fortnight is over I hope I may have [authority?]

I cannot doubt that you had been

[page 4]

led & been helped - but the next step is not distrust, though it serves to
[hic?] [sic?] one only possible [Direction?]

Yours sincerely always
Wm [?]
[Addendum I was most sorry also to miss Lady Mary [?]]