Letter to VW from James Sully 19 January 1896

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19 Jan 96

Dear Lady Welby,

I have read the article in ‘Mind’ with great interest. I think you have
[?] brought out your points very clearly, and I fully hope that your [?]
will excite interest and thought [among?] philosophical students in England
and elsewhere. 

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It is a pity that you have to stop when you do and that three months must
elapse before you [can?] [return?]. I hope this [r?] will allow you to give
a brief [resume?] of the point of the January article by way of introducing
the April supplement. 
	I see that I still have your type-written copy. I am not sure

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whether you intended that I should keep it. Kindly let me know if you wish
me to return it.

I hope that you are in better health than you were when I last heard. My
holiday did me but little [good?], I regret to [say?]. In vain did I go in
chase of sunshine first into [Kent?] + then [into?] Derby-
shire. But there weather is much 

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more salubrious now and promises to be colder.

Yours very truly,

J. Sully

I should have written before about the type-written article but [that?] I
was so [full?] of work up to [today?].