Letter to VW from James Sully 24 August 1896

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Aug 24th 96

My Dear Lady Welby,

I have [?] heard from Mr. [Floret?] re. operating the scheme of a “Welby
Prize”. I have written to him, + as soon as I hear from him I will write
to you again.

Thank you for your kind enquiries as to my health. I have been rather
unfortunate these holidays. I got a chill in travelling to the North:

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en route to Norway, + finally had to abandon my plan of crossing the North
Sea. [Since then?] I had been [humbled?] with a [?] of cold, + am now laid
up with a lame leg, the consequence of venturing to play lawn tennis of
which I am very fond. It seems that I have ruptured a small muscle of the
calf which my doctor 

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tells me is, so far as is known, quite useless - a curious illustration of
how useless survival (for I suppose it once had a use) may [sometimes?] be
in the way. I am [-ing?] [?] sea bathing, + also rowing, which is the only
form of exercise I can indulge in.

I hope that your [stay?] in Scotland has brought you all the benefit you
hoped for. 
Very truly yours,

J. Sully