Letter to VW from James Sully 12 January 1903

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10 Park Hill 
Ealing W

12 Jan 03

Dear Lady Welby,
I am so burden-ed with examination work at the moment that I have only been
able to glance at your sheets. I can see that there is much which will
interest me.
	I wish you could give headings to your chapters, but perhaps you think it
best not to do so

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and it would I suppose be difficult to do so now.
	The quotation from my ‘Illusions’ on p 166 is right as it stands. The
correction [in?] [ink?] makes nonsense of it. I suppose the [corrector?]
objects to the two ‘which’s’. Perhaps I ought to have given them the
rightful [num?]-
ber thr?. The repe
tition is no doubt

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undesirable, but cannot always be avoided. 
I am hoping to come over + see you on Saturday. I will write again as to
the hour. I fear I cannot fare the wind on my cycle.

Yours very truly

J. Sully