" We have undertaken the construction of another railway,” said Sir Wilfrid, the Hudson’s Bay Railway. The Hudson’s Bay Railway, I am sure, does not appeal very much to the people of Welland County. It concerns more the people of the west. But I say to you, gentlemen of Ontario, and you will agree with me, that what concerns one portion of the community concerns every part of the community. Now, we have come to the conclusion that this railway is a necessity, owing to the condition in which our fellow-citizens in the west are placed. This railway will give an alternative or optional route. At the present time all the wheat as soon as it is tracked is sent out to Lake Superior. We want to provide another railway by Hudson’s Bay. There will then be the present route and the Hudson’s Bay route, and the man who raises wheat and cattle will have two outlets for his production. We have been asked: Are you not going to hurt the trade of the St. Lawrence if you do that? Oh ye of little faith! the trade of Canada is too great even for these two outlets. What we see coming will be more than suflicient for both the St. Lawrence and the Hudson’s Bay routes. We have come to the conclusion that the time to build this railway is now; not to-morrow, but now; and we have surveyors in the field looking at the condition of the country and preparing plans for us, which we shall be prepared to put into execution as soon as we receive them. The government will build the railway, or rather somebody will be entrusted with building it for us, but whatever we do, all the terminals and all the elevators shall be built by the government, and retained under all and every circumstance by the government so as to insure the largest measure of benefit possible to the Canadian people in the North-West Provinces.”

Supporters of the Liberal administration vied with one another in extolling the immense benefits which would derive to the country in general and to western provinces in particu- lar from the construction of the railroad, and the press of the party in the prairie provinces proclaimed the project “the paramount issue.”