Development of campus buildings : College A and Dining Hall [Founders College] project no. 352 York University


Datastream Size Mimetype
Fedora Object to Object Relationship Metadata. 1.09 KiB application/rdf+xml
MODS Record 2.37 KiB text/xml
DC Record 1.84 KiB text/xml
ASC04277.tif 25.67 MiB image/tiff
Fedora Relationship Metadata. 1016 B application/rdf+xml
XACML Policy Stream 16.28 KiB text/xml
TECHMD_FITS 4.87 KiB application/xml
Thumbnail 24.72 KiB image/jpeg
Medium sized JPEG 157.75 KiB image/jpeg
JPEG 2000 11.63 MiB image/jp2