bel‘ieve——if you dare—in human gratitude. D0 you see that picturesque young rufiian over there i?”

hlaiwija did not lift her eyes. She felt herself breath- lessly hanging on the speake1"s next words. .

“Why, that’s the young man of the fonda, who picked up your fan,” said Carroll, “isn’t it “Z”

“Perhaps,” said Maruja, indifierently. She would have given worlds to have been able t0 turn coldly and stare at him at that moment with the others, but she dared not. She contented herself with softly brushing some dust from Captain Carroll’s arm with her fan and a feminine sug- gestion of tender care which thrilled that gentleman.

“Well,” continued Raymond, “that Robert Macaire over yonder came here some three or four days ago as a tramp, in want of everything’ but honest labor. Our lamented friend consented to parley with him, which was something remarkable in the Doctor; still more remarkable, he gave him a suit of clothes, and, it is said, some money, and sent him on his way. Now, more remarkable than all, our friend, on hearing of his benefactor’s death, actually tramps back here to attend his funeral. The Doctor being dead, his executors not of a kind to emulate the Doctor’s spas- modic generosity, and there being no chance of future favors, the act must be recorded as purely and simply gratitude. By Jove! I don’t know but that he is the only one here who can be called a real monrner. I’m here be- cause your sister is here; Carroll comes because you do, and _you come because your mother can not.”

“And who tells you these pretty stories °?” asked Maruja, with her face still turned towards Carroll.

“The foreman, Harrison, who, with an extensive practical experience of tramps, was struck with this exception to the general rule.”

“Poor man; one ought to do something for him,” said Amita, compassionately.

“\Vhat!” said Raymond, with affected terror, “and spoil this perfect story‘! Never! If I should offer him ten dollars, I’d expect him to kick me; if he took it, I’d expect t0 kick hint.”

“He is not so bad-looking, is he, hiaruja?” asked Amita