ruja, looking down with an air of embarrassed thoughtful- ness, which Dofia Maria chose to instantly‘ accept as exag- gerated coyness.

“Do not think to deceive me or thyself, child, with this folly. Thou art old enough to know a man’s mind, if 11ot thine own. Besides, I do not know that I shall object to her liking" for Raymond. He is very clever, and would be a relief to some of thy relatives. He would be invaluable to us in the emergencies that may grow out of these me- chanical affairs that I do not understand—-—such as the mill and the railroad.”

“And you propose to take a few husbands as partners in the business?” said Maruja, who had recovered her spirits. “I warn you that Captain Carroll is as stupid as a. gentleman could be. I wonder that he has not blundered in other thing's as badly as he has in preferring me to Amita. He confided to me only last night, that he had picked up a pocket-book belonging to the Doctor and given it to Aladdin, without a witness or receipt, and evidently of his own accord.”

“A pocket-book of the Doctor’s “l” repeated Dofia Maria.

“Ay; but it contained nothing of thine,” said Manlja. “The poor child had sense eno-ugh to think of that. But I am in no hurry to ask your consent and your blessing yet, little mother. I could even bear that Amita should precede me to the altar, if the exigencies of thy ‘business’ require it. It might also secure Captain Carroll for me. Nay, look not at me in that cheapening, commercial way—with com- pound interest in thine eyes. I am not so poor an invest= ment, truly, of thy original capital.”

“Thou art thy father’s child,” said her mother, suddenly kissing her; “and that is saying enough, the Blessed Virgin knows. Go now,” she continued, gently pushing her from the room, “and send Amita hither.” She watched the dis-- appearance of l\Iaruja’s slightly rebellious shoulders, and added to herself, “And this is the child that Amita really believes is pining’ with lovesiclzness for Carroll, so that she can neither sleep nor eat. This is the girl that Faquita would have me think hath no longer any heart in her dress or in her finery! Soul of Joseph Saltonstall l” ejaculated