his self-conceit, he rose from the pew, and stepped before the chancel rails.

“I would wait a moment, if I were you, sir,” he said, respectfully, “and you will see that he will go out quietly.”

“What is wrong?” whispered the n1inis- ter in some concern.

“He thinks you are going to heave that book at him, sir, without giving him a fair show, as we do.”

The minister looked perplexed, but re- mained motionless, with the book in his hands. Bones arose, walked half way down the aisle, and vanished like a yellow flash!

With this justification of his reputation, Bones disappeared for a week. At the end of that time we received a polite note from Judge Preston, saying that the dog had become quite domiciled in their house, and begged that the camp, without yielding up their valuable property in him, would allow him to remainiat Spring Valley for an in- definite time; that both the judge and his daughter—with whom Bones was already an old friend——would be glad if the mem~ bers of the camp would visit their old favor- ite whenever they desired, to assure them- selves that he was well cared for.