an aggrieved party, it is a matte».- f< r the F ederal courts t0 prosecute, and that the only officer we can recognize is the United States Marshal for the district. lVhen I add that the marshal, Colonel Cracken- thorpe, is one of my oldest friends, and an active sympathizer with the South in the present struggle, you will understand that any action from him in this matter is ex- ceedingly improbable.

The general murmur of laughter, relief, and approval was broken by the quiet voice of Judge Beeswinger.

“Let me see your warrant, Mr. Deputy Sheriff.”

The officer approached him with a slightly perplexed and constrained air, and exhibited the paper. Judge Beeswinger handed it back to him. “Colonel Star-bottle is quite right i11 his contention," he sai<l quietly; “the only officer that this assembly can rec- ognize is the United States Marshal or his legal deputy. But Colonel Star-bottle is wron g in his supposition that Colonel Crack- enthorpe still retains the functions of that office. He was removed by the President of the United States, and his successor vras ap- pointed and sworn in by the Federal judge