turned from a garden-party to find not only the twins, but Alice, the little day-girl who had been inveigled into joining the game, in the deepest disgrace, and Jane muttering terrible things about warnings.’ Fortunately the affair passed off with- out such dire consequences, but from that time forward Mr. Brown’s study was forbidden ground.

It was a great disappointment; but consolation was not long in coming, for it was only a very few days later that they discovered the Feudal Castle.

Aunt Grace had gone to a garden-party, and the three children were spending a blissful after- noon in the wood. Emmeline had curled herself up comfortably with a story-book, but the twins happened to be Red Indians that day, and had gone off on a desperate expedition against the Pale Faces. Before long they came rushing back to Emmeline, and insisted on dragging her off to see something wonderful.’

Something wonderful’ proved to be merely an empty cottage, hardly more than a hut, indeed, uhich, from its broken windows, torn thatch, worm-eaten door, and altogether forlorn appear- ance, looked as if it had been deserted for several years. Emmeline grasped its capabilities at first sight, and when the twins led her inside and triumphantly displayed a three-legged chair with a broken seat, and part of what had once been a tabltr-when she saw the grate, rusty and cob-