Master Micky, I do believe you’ve grown even in these few weeks since I saw you.’

‘I must have grown too, then,’ chimed in Kitty: ‘our two heads come to just exactly the same place on the schoolroom door.’ Kitty was quite willing that Micky should be acknowledged her superior in every other way, but that he should have the palm for tallness was rather too much even for her twin-sisterly devotion.

‘So you have, my darling,’ said Mary, while Emmeline anxiously asked after the sprain.

‘Ch, it won’t be anything much,’ said Mary, but l’m afraid I shan’t be able to use my foot for the next few days, and what bothers me is how you’re to go to the Fair without me. Of course, it's as quiet as it can be just now-it's only on Saturday afternoons and in the evenings it gets a bit rough—so I don’t see myself how you could possibly come to harm under Miss Emme- line’s charge, but maybe Miss Bolton wouldn't think it quite the thing. If only I knew anyone whom I could ask to go with you, but I don’t— not at such short notice,’ and Mary’s pleasant face looked thoroughly worried.

l’m sure Aunt Grace wouldn't mind our going with Emmeline,’ said Kitty.

No, she's much too jolly,’ agreed Micky.

Emmeline could not feel so sure. An uncom- fortable remembrance came to her that Aunt