carriage who wanted to get out. On the whole, she thought that course better than to open the door herself and bid him get out.

The man's look of suspicion, when he opened the door and saw Diamond Jubilee calmly staring out of the opposite window, was only too obvious.

‘Where’s your ticket?’ he demanded sharply.

The fact that Diamond Jubilee happened to have mislaid it did not mend matters. The porter became abusive, and Emmeline was at her wits’ end what to do, between her fear lest, if she stayed to see the end of the fray, her connection with Diamond Jubilee might be suspected, and her con- viction that if she left the station without him the chances were that she should lose sight of him altogether.

Luckily, the ticket was discovered underneath the cushion before Emmeline was obliged to come to the rescue, and with an angry injunction from the porter to ‘get out, and not give no more trouble,’ Diamond Jubilee was allowed to go free.

‘Really, I do think you might have managed better,’ Emmeline could not help telling him im- patiently when they were safe outside the station. Now, whatever you do, keep well behind us till we are out of the village.’

‘I'm afraid he's going to turn out a duffer,’

remarked Micky, as Diamond jubilee obediently fell back.