Micky, you mustn't talk like that,'said Emme- line, the more severely because at the bottom of her heart she could not help fearing that there might be some truth in what he said.

It was fortunate that they had not much of the,

village to go through before they branched off into the blackberry-grown byway which led to the wood, for, as it was, Diamond ]ubilee's appearance attracted a rather disagreeable amount of staring. No one molested him, however, or seemed to con- nect him with the well-dressed children who were walking some ten yards in front of him, and the party were soon safe in the wood, out of reach of curious eyes and whispering tongues.

You’ll soon be home now,’ said Emmeline, turning round to give him an encouraging smile.

Diamond jubilee grinned, well pleased. He had the vaguest idea of what these little gentle- folks’ home would be like, but he hoped there might be another square meal awaiting him there, perhaps even more delicious than the one he had had at the fried-fish shop.

Great was his astonishment when the children, after walking through the wood for miles, as it seemed to him, came to a triumphant pause before a deserted and tumble-down hut.

There, Diamond jubilee,’ said Emmeline in a voice of congratulation, ‘this is to be your own dear little home.’