‘Oh, I shall swarm up the water-pipe, as I did the other day. I shall manage all right’; and his eyes sparkled with the delight of arranging a real adventure.

‘Well, I suppose that’s how it will have to be-

settled, as Diamond jubilee is such a great baby.’ said Emmeline reluctantly. Anyhow, we really must go home now, so you will just have to wait here patiently, Diamond Jubilee, till Micky can come back.’

‘Not ifl know it,’ said Diamond Jubilee, who as a town-bred boy felt terrors of the gathering dusk in the lonely wood which stirred him to unwonted resolution. ‘You'll be giving me the slip if I let you out of my sight.’

Ladies and gentlemen always keep their word,’ said Emmeline, with much dignity ; you needn't be afraid of Micky's not coming back.’

I'm coming home along of you,’ said Diamond jubilee firmly; ‘then you can give me some- thing to eat. I'm about ready for it, I can tell you.’

You're t/ze most unreasonable boy I ever tnet,’ said Emmeline, at the end of her patience. You can't possibly come home with us. Aunt Grace would be most awfully angry. And I think it's extremely greedy of you to want anything more to eat after what you had at the shop,’

Emmeline herself had had one tea, and was