If it had been Micky or Kitty there would have been nothing at all strange in such a lapse, but that Emmeline should do such a thing-Emmeline, whose perfect table manners had been held up as a model to the twins ever since they could re- member—was indeed a matter for surprise.

Was it a crumb?’ asked Aunt Grace, with sympathy, when after vigorous pattings from the delighted twins Emmeline had reached the stage of being able to speak once more.

I-—l don't think so,’ mumbled Emmeline, with

what would have been a blush if her choking fit had not left her too crimson already to turn even a shade more so.

No, it had not been a crumb which had made her choke in her tea, but the shock of seeing a pale, grimy little face pressed close against the window-pane outside. lt had only been there for an instant, but the sudden glimpse had almost brought Emmeline’s heart into her mouth. She felt as though she hardly knew how to sit still at table when at any moment Diamond jubilee might look in again and be seen by Aunt Grace.

Oh dear, there was Micky asking for another piece of bread and jam! However many more was he going -to have before she would be free to get up and slip away to warn Diamond jubilee?

‘Really, Micky, l think as this is your second tea, and you'll have supper before so very long,