“IT IS VERY TRUE that the new model- ling Ecclesiastical Government was the prin- cipal point debated in that famous dispute (which gave rise to the following work): but then the Puritans contended for that Re- formation on principles that equally con- eluded for a Reformation in the Civil like- wise: and this Mr. Hooker well understood, when he took so much pains to overthrow their fundamental maxim, the Head Theorem, as he calls it, of their scheme—-That the Scripture of God is in such sort the rule of human actions, that sinzply zuhatsoever we do, and are not by it directed thereunto, the same is sin. Now who sees not that this principle pursued, brings on, directly and necessarily, a Reformation of the Civil Government upon l“ Jewish ideas? the very error of the reformed Ministers of that time. This, as we say, was not hid from the penetration of this great

man—The reasons, (says he, in his Preface)