for him some heroic task to be done. Jesse's: mind was fixed upon the things read in newspapers and magazines, on fortunes to be made almost" Without effort by shrewd men who bought and

sold. For him the coming of the boy David did

much to bring back with renewed force the old faith and it seemed to him that God had at last" looked with favor upon him.

As for the boy on the farm, life began to reveal itself to him in a thousand new and delightful ways. The kindly attitude of all about him ex-- panded his quiet nature and he lost the ‘half timid, hesitating manner he had always had with his people. At night when he went to bed after a long day of adventures in the stables, in the fields,. or driving about from farm to farm with his grandfather he wanted to embrace everyone in. the house. If Sherley Bentley, the woman who came each night to sit on the floor by his bedside, did not appear at once, he went to the head of the stairs and shouted, his young voice ringing through the narrow halls where for so long there had been a tradition of silence. In the morning when he awoke and lay still in bed, the sounds that came in to him through the windows filled him. with delight. He thought with a shudder of the. life in the house in Winesburg and of his mother’s angry voice that had always made him tremble. There in the country all sounds were pleasant