this work generally, but be found of considerable assistance t0 future travellers. The size of the map, which did not admit of any reduction, alone prevented its being inserted in the present volume; but a translation having been made, and the engraving being nearly completed, it will shortly be published separately.

The desire that the ensuing narrative ishould expe- rience, in some degree, the benefit of Mr. HulhnandeYs recent valuable improvements in the lithographic art, has been the reason of its hitherto retarded publication; but it will be found that the delay has been productive of con- siderable advantage to its general appearance.

By the wish of many of the friends of the young Fin- mark females, who recently’ paid a visit to this country, portraits of these fair strangers have been added, one of which forms the frontispiece.

To Messrs. Harding, Dighton, and the other able "artists, who have contributed so much to the embellishment of the work, the author’s thanks are justly clue, and he could

not conclude without expressing" them.