Departure from London-Embarcation at Harwich-Observations during the journey, and on first leaving England—Approach to the Swedish coast —Anchor at hlasthugget, near Gothenburgh-Bra1zd washers-Descrip- tion of Gothenburgh—Posting—Instructi0ns for travellers-Lilla Edet —Pine forests-Falls of Trolhatta described—Journey by land to Stock- holm, and description of the country-—Stockholm—The army—Reviews -Shopkeepers—Palaces—Country villas-Aptitude of the Swedes for learning foreign languages-Reception at the camp-New travelling ser- want-Preparations for quitting Stockholm.

IT was in the middle of LIay, a period of the year alluring both in town and country, when I left the attractions of the metropolis, with the intention of prosecuting a tour to the northern parts of Europe; an excursion long meditated, and which the profound repose of half-pay now enabled me to carry into execution. London, in which every thing is so strangely combined to produce the height of human misery, of happiness, of pleasure, or of pain, was quickly left behind,

with all its noise, bustle, and confusion; and, as we pro- B