church, there is little in Lidkoping that merits observation ; but the interior of this is curious, and the lover of antiquity will be highly gratified by its remains, most of them in a good state of preservation. The pulpit and organ are finely decorated in the ancient style of carving and gilding, and there are also some curious paintings in distemper.

On leaving Lidkoping, the road ran for some miles by the side of the Venern; a strong easterly wind had rough- ened its surface, and the waves, breaking on its sandy shore, rendered its resemblance to the sea still more striking to those who had never before seen a lake of such extraordinary dimensions. \Ve observed several of the tern tribe skimming its surface. Our road now lay through a forest for several miles; on emerging from which we entered upon some extensive moors, and there being abundance of black game in the neighbourhood, we left our carriage and took our guns, and ranged across them; but the day being showery, the game had retreated to the high grounds. At Bodarne, where we slept, there is a great plenty as well as variety of game; and wild animals abound in the dark and im- penetrable forests by which it is surrounded. In winter the wolves commit great ravages; and our landlord at Hofwa had two of his largest oxen carried off the preceding winter by a troop of these furious animals. It is no unusual thing, when the season is very severe, as was lately the case, for travellers to be stopped by a terrific group of wolves lying in the middle of the roads, rendered desperate by hunger,