CljllllintllS, 14,000 policemen, 14,000 grog-shops, one child loorn every 5 minutes, one person dies every 8 minutes, antl there are more Scotchmen than in Aberdeen, more Irish than in Belfast, more Jews than in Palestine and more Roman Catholics than in Rome.

Standing in front of the Royal Exchange, the head- quarters of commerce in London, one sees one of the busiest scenes in London life. The traffic and never-end- ing‘ crowds puts me in mind of a countrywoman who stood in a doorway waiting for the procession to pass. On London Bridge alone 107,000 persons and 20,000 vehicals p855 over every 24 hours. Near here is the famous London Tower which was erected by William the Conqueror where many deeds of cruel-xvrong were perpetrated. It covers 13 acres of ground, and is divided into I2 towers all of which have been used as prisons. On entering, the guitie, or beef-eater, as they are called explain as we go thi-(lugh. The first room of interest is the jewel room, con- raining crowns and jewels of all royalty including the croxvn of Queen Victoria made in I838 and containing 3,000 precious stones, including the ruby given to the Black Prince in Spain in 1367, and worn by Henry V, in his helmet at Agincourt, the Prince of \Vales’ cornet, and the baptismal font used at Royal christenings. In the yard, a stone block markes the place where the scaffold stood on which Ann Bo Ylen and Catherine Howard, wives of Henry Ylll, were be eadecl, also Lady Jane Grey, Sir Walter Raliegh 85c.

In the armory are to be seen figures in heavy suits of mail worn in the olden days of battle, and also the block, tlnrmlascrexv and other relics.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is 370 feet high and from the golden gallery at the top, the crowded streets, the far wind- ing Thames, the distant parks make a majestic picture. Up stairs there is the xvhisjaering gallery 108 feet in di- ameter, the slightest whisper on one side 1s distinctly heard on the other, and from it a fine view of the interior is ob- tainecl, which is richly ornamented. In the south tower is the clock, the minute hand of which is 9 feet long, the great bell weighs over 5 tons and is rung when there is a