wide, on the side facing the river are statues of Kings and Queens from “Iilliam the Conqueror to Victoria. There are I I open courts, II,000 appartments and I00 staircases. The bell in the Clock Tower uieighs 9 tons.

The interior of the House of Lords is lighted by I2 painted windows with portraits of the Monarchs of Eng- land, I sat on the famous woolsack on which the Lord Chancellor‘ sits. The seats for the Peers are covered with red morroco. The House of Commons is less richly orna- mented than that of the Peers. In the Ladies gallery is an ornamented lattice work which prevents them from be- ing seen. In the Victoria gallery are two aintings, each 1,5 feet hing and 12 feet high, the death o Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar and Meeting of “lellington and Blucher after the battle of “Tater-loo. The Prince’s Chamber is artistically decorated, three painted windows show the Rose, Thistle and Shamrock.

(time of the greatest attractions which I saw when in London was the procession of the Queen opening Parlia- ment in state. After “Qiltlllg for two hours in the front ranks of the immense crowd, I was rewarded by having a good look at the Queen and all the Royal family. The pomp and pagentry, was a grand sight. The Queen’s carriage was drawn by eight cream horses, and the Prince of Ufales’ carriage drawn by six jet black ones.

The next largest procession and crowd was that of the Lord .\Iayor’s. This is an altogether a civic affair in which all societies and trades take part.

Another place of great interest was the Polytecnic Institution in which are all sorts of inventions both for amusement and instruction. Here we got into a large diving bell and were let down into the water a long way, the air being pumped into this bell by means of tubes keeps the water out and also gives the occupants a supply of fresh air.

Next comes Madame Tussaud’s great wax work ex- hibition of destinguished characters. Here are to be found Kings Queens and a large number of noted men and women, looking natural in the costumes of their times. One old lady who had been here seeing the sights got very