any thing handy and make off with it in the dark.

Farewell to 01d London and my cousins, the Wilsons,

who helped to make everything interesting, and now for SCOTLAND.

On the way we pass through the famous village of Gretna Green, just across the border from England, where young people resolving to be married without their parents consent eloped to, to have the knot tied.

The country has a different aspect to England being wilder and more mountainous, Old Scotia seems not to have combed her hair, the grass looking rougher but the wild flowers which grow in great profusion, beautify the hedges and hills. Arrived in Edinburgh the night of the General Election, and stopped with my friends the Rennies.

The principal places which I visited were Hollyrood Palace, here lived Wary Queen of Scots; in her bed-room is still to be seen her bed with all its costly drapes and bed clothing. Was through the house of John Knox, a pictu- resque old place with a steep outer stair, saw the room in which he died, was in his study in which he wrote the Scottish Reformation, and stood in the window from which he used to preach to the multitude in High street.

The Castle built on a rock 40o feet above the level of the sea, contains the “Crown Room” with sceptre, sword, and crown of the Scottish Monarchs, Queen Marys room where her only son James VI, was born.

In the Science and Art museum I saw the presents which the Prince of \Vales received while in India which were on exhibition at Edinburgh at the time of my visit there. In the old Greyfriars Church yard I saw the stone on which the covenant was signed. In the main street which is call- ed Princes street stands a monument to Sir \Valter Scott, having a statue of himself upon it.

l also visited St. Giles’ Church where Archbishop Laud, determining to force upon the Scotch a form of ser- vice modeled after the Roman Catholic Breviary, had the Dean of Edinburgh read the new liturgy which so enraged the Scotch wife, Jennie Geddes that she threw a stool at the minister’s head exclaiming “Villian wilt thou read the mass at my lug.”