t“ .; a, HE Motive for putting thefe few" i

-* Sheets together, and offering them

aftr efing my Book, were of Opinion, that What was there {aid 0n Ideas of Reflexion, had not been particularly enoughapplied to Mr.

Lockds Hypothefis, with the Infallibility of i

which the prefent Age was univerfally prepof- fefiied. Whence I Concluded, that as thofe Gen- tlemen wanted fome farther Satisfaction in this Point, fo might others z And for that pur- pofe I drew up the following Notes with a re=- gard had only to Mr. Lockds Efiay. a

I am fully fenfible of the Danger to which any Attack on that celebrated Work mutt be expofed : But hope a real Love for Truth will be a fufiicient Apology to all learned and im» partial Men, who prepare their Minds feti-

‘_ oufly to fearch after and receive it from what- i ever Hand it comes : My inward Satisfaction f is, to have enquired after it impartially, and

offend nothing but from a thorough Con-

Q viétion, ‘That Man can bat": no Knawiledgehj‘