them on diver: otca/ioni; a: when he di/puted, and when he wrote hi: Argument: for the ufi of the King of Spain, é? and on the other, that the Im- portance 2f the Aflair, and the Greatnefi of hi: Keal to ave the Grievance: he complain’d of re- drefdd, made [o deep an Iznpreflion of/ome thing: on hi: filind that he could notforhear to repeat ’em.

A: for the Tran/lation it filf, I hope tho/e that fha/l have the C urio/ity to compare it with the French Cop], will find that I have done it juflice. And if there i: not that exaitnef: of Method and Stile the prefent Age expeftg it may he the hetter ex- cu:’d, when ’ti: confidefld how long flnce the Original wa: compofid. However, the extraordinary thing: contain’d in thi: Hiflory will ma/ee/ufficient amend: for any Defit-l: in the C ompo/ition of the Bi/hop of Chiapa, and for the ahrupt Tranfition: fhmetime: u:’d h] the Compiler of thi: Treati/e inputting the Bifhophfiveral Piece: together, of which it almojt who/l) con/ifi:

I [hall onl] add, That a: no Hi/lor) in the World can parallel thi: for the inhuman jlaughter of juch vafl numher: of People; fa thefi Barharitin, to- gether with the blood] Croiflide: in the 12th and I 3th C enturie:, a: well a: the man] Per/ecution: and Ma/facre: fince the Reformation, render it no diflicult matter to difiern to what Church that. Pro- phetic/: C harafier agree:, that in her was found not only the Blood of Prophets and of Saints, hut o; all that were {lain upon the Earth. Rev. 1 . 2g.