133 A Relation of the Spanifh Voyages

when Chrifiopher Columbus, the firfl: Difcoverer and Admiral of the Weflelndies, had permitted each Spaniard that accompanied him to take one Indian in recompence of the great Services done the Crown of Spain in that Voyage, when thofe Indians arriv’d in Spain, your Majeflzy f0 much relented it, that ’twas not eafy to appeafe your Anger on that occa- lion. Your Majelty ask’d if the Admiral had power to deltroy your Subjects‘, and commanded the Spa- niards to fend back to the Indies all the Indians they had brought from thence on pain of Death, Ac- cordingly they return’d in the year 1 50o, when Francis BobadiUa went to take the Government of the New World. '

The fecond reafon that proves your Majefty under an obligation to incorporate the Indies into the ln-.- heritance of your Crown, and not to fufFer the Spa+ niards in the leaft to ufurp any thing in quality of Lords and Mailers, is, that otherwife ’tis impolfible the People fhould ever be brought to efpoufe Chri.- ilianity. To comprehend the force of this Reafon it mult be remembefld that the Defign of your Maje? fiy’s Title to poflefs thefe newly-difcovefld Nations, i is no other than the publication of the Gofpel, to ' fpread the knowledg of jefus Chrifl: among ’em; and confequently your Majefty is oblig’d to remove all Impediments that oppofe this end, by eftablilh- ing good Laws and Orders, and uling all other jufl; ways and means to render‘ this defign profperous. The End is always the great Spring that lhould give motion and direclion to our Aéiions -, and ’tis this we ought to have principally in view, that we may the better forefee what Obftrucflions are likely to lie in our way, and take the molt futable meafures to attain the end propos’d. Now ’tis certain, that the Power i1furp’d by the Spaniards over the Indians is one of the greatefi: hindrances to the preaching ‘of

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