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Guest Lecture by Garry Geddes
Consists of a recorded guest lectured by Gary Geddes at the Faculty of Health's School of Nursing.
Painting on Film with Adam Wolfond
Adam explores painting on clear 16mm film using sticks and other materials. When dried and projected, the film footage is an explosion of colours, textures and rhythms. This is a new film clip from our artistic explorations about pace, sticks and its materialization with film. This came about as Adam and I discussed how he pixelates, or "frames" movement with the repetition of videos (with the quick clicks of a computer mouse), uses flipbook animation to study movement, waves sticks and flicks water to also pace movement. He thinks about the way his body tics "to feel the world..." and how it hesitates because "I feel the world too much." Hesitation and movement "dance" - like flicked sticks and watercolour - as a way to move within a barrage of sensory-motor stimuli. Adam became interested in the 8mm camera and its sounds as well as the movement of colour on film itself. Slowing down the movement provides the opportunity to study its patterns. It allows a ticcing-moving in slowmo (abeit in seconds), a movement-ephemera. This is the creative "stimvention" (playing on the words "stim" and invention) using various materials - in this case film, sticks, paint - to think differently about diversity, movement and becoming. It pulses beyond the pathology paradigm where autistic movement is characterized as a problem rather than for creative invention and contribution. And more importantly, Adam loves to watch it for its own sake.