GRADE 5. 1 halve quality tenant balance salve quantity vacant distance

salmon squander galla11t instance

almonds squabble remnant substance Add —ing to lose, line, lace, pare, idle, leave, ache; as, losing. Apply salve t0 the gallant soldier's sore eyes. He halved the citron in an instant. Divide the almonds. Don’t squander your substance 0r earnings. Our tenants paid the balance due. The cottage is some distance olf. Squabbling, for instance, hinders quiet work. The rem- nant of the serge is of choice quality. Great (luantitics of salmon are caught in the Fraser.

2 ulcer famine primary guidance cancer imagine library grievance

grocer heroine contrary entrance oflicer medicine burglary hindrance Add mis— to step, state, spell, spend, sent, shaped; as, misstep. A primary pupil’s guidance was welcome. The burglary. at the grocer’s puzzles me. A IHLPPOW, misshapen entrance to the library will prove a serious hindrance. (‘<>11t1':11'_y’ to orders, the officer misspent the money. He gulped a (lose 0f acid medicine. Don’t misspell common words. She

imagines herselfaheroine. The India famine. The knig-hts

grievance. Cancers and ulcers are diseased growths. s9