altar Warrior alms tedious almanac Warrant isles various alderman Warfare phases bilious

balcony War-Whoop phrases studious Add —ing, --es, and ——ed to empty, reply, marry, bury, study, supply, defy, satisfy; as, emptying, empties, emptied.

The warrior knelt at the altar. The tedious warfare had wearied him. The almanac foretells the moon's various phases. What ails the studious scholar on the balcony? Merely a bilious headache. I bade him total the column. I’m satisfied With the supplies. Phrases are not sentences. Isles in the ocean. An Indian’s war-whoop. Elect an alderman. Asking alms is begging.

4 . fertile badger merely lattice sterile cudgel anxiety poultice hostile burroW iruisance crevice reptile burial riddance liquorice

Join —ing to upset, begin, forget, omit, prefer; as, upsetting. Poultice your sore throat. Liquorice relieves a cough. I ate oyster patties. Huge ants crept through the crevice. Alter the lattice porch. His enemies, trudging along with heavy cudgels, looked very hostile. IIe brews ale or beer from malt. The soil is not fertile, but sterile, fit merely for a burial ground. I relieved a la\v_yer’s anxiety about his collie. Are lizards reptiles? We made a riddance 0f the badgers. Their burrtnvs were a nuisance.