7 starry bargain vague gallery

scarred chieftain league slippery giraffe scaffold plague millinery

lacrosse stubborn brogue machinery

Copy,-—-A baby’s brooch. I bought two ladies’ brooches. A lady’s blouse. Ladies’ blouses for sale. Enemies’ camps.

The rogue used Irish brogue. Slippery stairs led to the gallery. I’m captain of the lacrosse team in the junior league. The starry skies. Ladies’ millinery is often expensive. The Scottish ehieftain was a stubborn fighter.‘ He had a vague idea of escaping the scaffold. The giraffe is scarred with Wounds. A plague of gnats and flies. The machinery was sold at a bargain.

e credit severe piety delicate

summit severity 11icety intimate

culprit persevere gi111let fortunate

benefit interfere eaglet porcupine Copy,—A jockeys horse. Two jockeys’ horses. A donkey's travels. liionkeys’ tricks. Donkeys’ ears.

Moderate supplies will not satisfy the eaglets on the rocky summit. A porcupinds quill pierced the unfor- tunate culprits thigh. Persevere in boring the hole; but don’t interfere, with my gimlet. The severe weather will benefit my niece. Notice the nicety of their speech and the Iiiety of their intimate friends. Iligh ceilings. A hart is a male deer. A fierce boar chased Ernest.