(hum! 8. 29 urge Noah anvil charcoal glowing

charge Sarah forge oatmeal bellows

George signed shoeing porridge hammer

Copy,—foot, feet; tooth, teeth; goose, geese; mouse, mice; louse, lice; this foot; these feet; that mouse; those mice.

Noah was saved from the flood and stormy billows. Urge on the team. George, the blacksmith, is shoeing the mare. Will he charge much? He lights the forge with charcoal. Hear the bellows roar. Isn’t the iron glowing red? Yes, he hammers and shapes the shoes on the anvil. See his tongs and big heavy sledge. We Won’t grudge the money. Porridge is made from oatmeal.

Sarah signed the pledge.


bonnet lettuce quench echoes ’twas orphan squalls scheme puzzle ne’er ribbon sudden monkey coward you’ll curtain parsley scholar radish Won’t shoeing George porridge captain doesn’t The orphan’s bonnet has pretty ribbon. I’ve grown radishes, lettuce, and parsley. A monkey’s face. Half a bowl of porridge. Shoeing the ponies. Why doesn’t a scholar quench the blaze? ’Twas a cowards scheme. Hear the echoes. The captain told queer tales. Of

course I Won’t. You’ll work out the puzzle. So huge a squash on vine ne’er grew. Sudden squalls of wind.