Guam; 6.

21 terror insane absence vicious horror profane essence precious

traitor baneful commence gracious

portrait hurricane difference spacious

Copy,—Negro, negress; emperor, empress; duke, duchess; prince, princess; actor, actress; hunter, huntress.

Their profane oaths, baneful and vicious language filled us with horror. A fire commenced in our absence. The servants were almost insane with terror. Portraits and precious keepsakes of our gracious empress were seized by the traitors. Many rare jewels were buried on the ocean beach. There is a difference between the juice and the essence of lemon. A furious hurricane.

22 adore necktie thrifty punish

encore nickname panther wallow

restore shamrock Sabbath drenched

explore shipwreck sheathed Wrenched

Join -—ful to will, skill, peace, grace; as, wilful, graceful.

Swine wallow in the mire. The soldier on guard was drenched with rain. He sheathed his sword. He Wrenched the pistol from the villztiifs grasp, and punished him. In exploring the Arctic seas, we heard awful tales of shipwreck. Select pieces for encores. I admire the four-leaved shamrock. Panthers and hyenas are savage. Avoid nicknames. Plaid necktics. The holy Sabbath. Worship and adore Him. Restore all borrowed supplies.