lmggznz"gf"’- ONTARIO PUBLIC SCHOOL SPELLER. 9] s honest stomach plumage barrier exhort monarch foliage carrier exhibit vinegar drainage terrier exhaust vineyard advantage furrier

Put dis— before honest, loyal, proved, agreed, lodge, quiet, honour, credit, figure, own; as, dishonest.

The Monarch of Great Britain and Ireland. Italy has many vineyards. The mail-carrier exhorts us to be honest. I’m exhausted by climbing the barrier. Farmers know the advantage of tile drainage. The furrier exhibits an Irish terrier. Vinegar disagrees with my stomach. Parrots of gayest plumage flew through the dense foliage


isle ' foliage terrier poultiee salve exhaust library medicine altar anxiety stomach vineyard grocer furrier exhibit squabble vacant phrases riddance grievance honest nuisance almonds hindrance

Grocers sell teas, coffees, spices, almonds, but not salves or medicines. The furrier exhibits a lynx. Thieves are dishonest. In the library the owner of the vineyard aired his grievance. The thorny lwainbles and thick foliage were hindrances. The Scotch terrier knows the mail-carriers knock. A weak stomach causes anxiety. Poultice my thumb. Buried in a sacred isle.