39 pollen drones cells hairy rubbed

yellow spines peal pocket setting

gather inside fleas slender carried

In easy, lazy, greedy, happy, merry, change y to i and add —er, -est; as, An easy chair. An easier chair. The easiest chair.

In the bee-hive is the comb of six-sided cells, made of wax. Bees gather pollen, the yellow dust on the tiny, slender spines inside the bloom. From this the workers make combs and bee-bread. The queen and the lazy drones have no wax pockets. A bee pushes its head and hairy body into a flower. Pollen clings to it and is carried into another blossom. There it is rubbed ofi‘ and the setting of fruit is sure. Fleas bite dogs. Bells peal.

4o curly ruin butter wound crown

curve bruin cripple group shower

Arthur bruise choking croup drowsy

In sky, candy, lily, copy, dolly, kitty, change y toi and add -—es; as, The sky is blue. The skies are blue.

Arthur is an honest player. He is tired and drowsy. Emma’s maid has curly hair. Her eyebrows curve downward. The mail bag. Lilies are fair to see. The maid sighs. Butter will ruin the maid’s gown. Bruin has a bruise on his nose and a cruel wound on his body. A group of children watch the wounded bear. A cripple is choking with croup. The sun’s warm rays and summer showers will crown the fields with grain.