1 1 preface bureau knoll vagrant

surface biscuit knavish fragrant retrace ketchup increase stagnant

embrace moustache decrease ignorant

Join -—ness to slow, fast, rough, smooth, weak, numb, coarse, prompt, calm, deaf, mean, even, plain, keen; as, keenness.

The brief preface shows sense. The whole surface seemed knolls, rough.;boulders, and stagnant pools. The knavish pedlar carries biscuits and ketchup. The vagrant twirls his moustache. A quaint bureau fragrant with roses. Ignorant of Canadian customs. Pause for each

clause. Misers’ hoards increase; their comforts decrease. Retrace your footsteps. A mother’s embrace.

1 2 (REVIEW) clause peculiar biscuit lynch

league chieftain syringe giraffe culprit persevere patient gallery

knavish ignorant decrease bicycle bureau moustache lacrosse superior

quotient machinery mystery delicate

Our maid was ignorant of the mysteries of dyeing. By persevering she succeeded in kneading dough for biscuit. She has a peculiar stare, but is certainly a superior servant. The chieftain waxes his reddish moustache. They may lynch the culprit who knavisnly interfered with the machinery. On the bureau is a model of a bicycle near a. picture of a giraffe. The patient is in delicate health.