1s talons baffle mumble infancy dragon ruffle hubbub vacancy ransom tussle smuggle resemble

random muddle straddle assemble Join —d, —ing to meddle, tattle, haggle, prattle, crinkle, cackle, kindle, stifle, puddle; as, meddled, meddling.

The eagle’s cruel talons. St. George slew the dragon. A blazing chimney baflled the brigade. After a severe tussle he seized the smugglers dagger. Avoid mumbling words. Random efforts are usually vain. Ransom the captive from the tower. Choose a roan mare. In infancy he resembled my nephew whose legacy he enjoys. Crowds assembled. Fill the vacancy. A good policy.

1e ulster moisten tangle garbage

bolster moisture triangle herbage upholster pastime mangled encourage

register furniture dangling discourage

Write —-ing after piece, pierce, grieve, dangle, jingle, arise, deserve, drizzle, resemble, assemble; as, piercing.

My ulster resists moisture. Weigh the feather bolster. Erase their names from the register. Flying kites is a hoy’s pastime. A triangle has three corners. Moisten the clothes. A mangled limb. l5ury the decayed herbage and other garbage. See the cord dangling. Upholster the lounge at the furniture factory. Encourage the scholar. He seems discouraged.