a: delivered in the Scriptures. 7

‘wherein they lived, without fuch learned, artificial, and forced Senfes of them, as are fought out, and put upon them in mofi: of the Syfiems of Divinity, according to the Notions, that each one has been bred up in.

To one that thus unbiaflied reads the Scriptures, what Adam fell from, is vifible, was the State of perfeet Obedience, which is called Yu/iice in the New Te/ianzelzt, though the Word which in the Original fignifies yzt/Zice, be tranflated Rig/Jteozyizfl": And by this Fall he loft Paradife, wherein

_ was Tranquillity and the Tree 0f Life, i, g,

he loft Blifs and Immortality. i The Penal- ty annexed to the Breach of the Law, with the Sentence pronounced by God upon it, ihews this. The Penalty flands thus, Gen. ii. r7. I12 the Day that than eale/i thereof t/Joa f/aalt fine/y die. How was this executed? He did eat, but in the Day he did eat, he did not actually die, but was turned out of Paradilie from the Tree of Life, and {hut out for ever from it, [t]? he fliou/zi take t/aereqf and lire jar ever. This lhews that the State ol‘ Paradife was a State of Immortality, of Life without End, which he lolt that very Day that he eat: His Life began from thence to fhortcu and xvafie, and to have an End; and lrom thence to his zi/Ptual Death, was but like the Time of a. Prilbner between the Sentence

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