ha-ve received, Reader, I Zwere deii-vet to thee. '

13w’ h] this my Lahom" thou receive/i any Light 0t" Con 1"» iteatiotz in the ‘Truth, join ‘with tsste ita Thatt/rt to the Father of Ligtftttifir hit Comiejeerttiaa to oar U ttetetjtaadiagt.

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diced Examination, thottfitzde/i i

I have h/tz/iaheh the Seafe and firetzat" the Gojlhoel, I hefiech thee, at a true Chrzfiiaa, in the éftit/‘it the G0fl2el (‘which it tiaat qt Charity) and in the ii/eteit ej fiohtietjgfit me right its the Defltitte 0f Liialwatiott.