HE CONTINUES TO SAW WOOD 101 “She's doing her duty by Pauline, and she

considers her duty isn’t done till she’s secured the men Pauline wants. But I say —when you get a look at Ellen you’ll forget the rivulets cours- ing down your neck. It’s the first time she’s worn anything not suggestive of past experiences.

It’s only white to-night, but

l\lacauley’s pause was eloquent.

Burns pushed on into the house, through whose open doors and windows came sounds of reveliy. A stringed orchestra was playing somewhere out of sight, and to its music the late arrival, holding his head well up that he might keep his collar intact until the latest possible moment, set his course toward his hostess.

Outside, in the bower which had been made of the porch, Chester, disgracefully shuflling of? the duties of host and lounging with Macauley and two or three other of the young married men, reported through the flower-hung window the progress of the victim led to the sacrifice.

“He’s shouldered his way to “lin he’s shak- ing hands and trying not to look hot. Hi! Paul- ine’s sighted him already. She’s making for him like the arrow to the target "