HE MAKES A CQNCESSION 61 Again the nod, but no reply.

“The hammer’s pretty nice, too, isn’t it P"

Qnce more the dumb answer. But the silence seemed odd, for Bob had long since lost his fear of these companions.

“Look up here, Bob.”

Reluctantly the child obeyed. Burns caught one fleeting glimpse of wet black lashes. One big tear was slowly stealing down the pale little cheek.

“What’s the matter, old man?”

No reply.

Burns looked at Ellen Lessing behind Bob’s back. She did not meet his glance. She was looking at the boy. It struck him that her profile made the most enchanting outline he had ever seen. He tried to steel his heart against them both. He knew his theory was right; he now had the chance to put it into practice.

The Green Imp turned a corner to the right. They were not yet out of the city, and at the next block the car turned another corner, also to the right. At the end of another block the Imp swerved once more—-to the right. This brought them back to the wide street which led to the