HIS is a story of two people. Of course, a great many other people are connected, indirectly‘, with their story, for no life was ever lived that did not touch a great many other lives; yet, is every life a thing alone, separate and distinct, and complete in itself. This is what we call the aloneness of life; and it is this aloneness that is really life. The things which influence and entertain are merely the little gaps, the pauses in the great play, that must be filled, else life would be too heavy for us to bear.

But it isn’t necessary to fill up the gaps in a story. So this is a story of two people only, and as you read it you may fill in the gaps yourself. It will give you something to ponder on when the story is fin- ished: but about these pauses. Once upon a time

two people sat down to play a game of cards. 11