18 RARE OLD cnrmrs.

all perhaps; at least he was thinking she did, When more than once he caught tl1e solemn eyes fixed upon his face. Their gaze quite flattered him indeed ; and he told more stories, some funny, some heroic, and himself the hero of all of them, and most of them untrue perhaps, thinking he was bewildering with his greatness the little audience before him, especially the gray-eyed little girl. Then suddenly he turned t0 the child, edged off to the end of the big sofa, and exclaimed :

lVell, little girl, and what are you thinking of, that you look at me so steadily ?”

He certainly expected a complilnent; any ordinary little girl would have known her manners well enough to have given it. But this was an odd child, and painfully truthful. Moreover, her sisters often told her she didn’t have sense enough to hold her tongue.”

At any rate, be this as it may, she generally spoke

when she was spoken to, and they said that xvhen she '

did speak “something always went to pieces.”

It was the Congressman went to pieces” this time. He didn‘t have to repeat his question either; for no sooner had he asked what she was thinking of, than the little girl replied, quite soberly:

I was thinking of the wart on your nose.”

You may be sure there was a sad punishment reserved for her by and by. For the mother of her was deeply chagrined. The old man, however, chuckled at her smartness, and although he forgot her, he almost immediately said :