than it is to turn it about after it has started upon a different road. I don’t believe a child ever yet strayed out of the good way that its parents were not to blame for it.”

“Oil,” said the small chum, you believe that? You don’t allow for the accident of bad associa- tions? You wouldn’t excuse circumstance?”

“Nothing; nothing but the ill ‘circumstance’ that robs a little one of those parents, especially the mother. As to accidents, there are none. And away back, at ‘the start,’ the first baptism into understanding, is the time to prepare the young child for the journey he is setting out upon. Face forward! into danger, to darkness, to temptation, to want, to death itself if need be, but always face forward and with eyes open. lt is a grand thing to make something beautiful of the life God has given us; it is a grander to reach the great end

over great difficulties. And there is another thought i

that came to me while l have waited for the singing of the reel; it is this, and you may take it with you,—against the time when you will tread these ways without 111e.”

Stop!” said the little chum. “I, too, learned a sermon from the team that crossed over a moment ago. It was this: to not cross the bridge until I come to it.”

It can’t be far ahead—”

“Don’t mention it even,” cried the little maid, springing to her feet. and a mist before her eyes.