pnbli/hing any letter: of Mr. Locke’:, and of hi: friend: to him ( that were not letter: of mere hu/inefl) yet my re- gard to what I take to he the more ge- neral judgment of the pnblick, hao de-

termiifd tne to publz/h [nth only a: have relation to thi: twofold ‘view, and

floall determine me hereafter in a {econd wolunte, Gentlemen that have any

letter: of Mr. Locke’: by them think

fit to communicate them to me.

The Reader is defired to correét the fol- lowing Errata with his pen.

AG. 1.1. t6. for for I. of. P.8. 1.2 . for ro a a]. I. r0 a 4 P P. 9. I. 2.8. for other l. others. P. x6? l. zgflflorplhgict‘, P. u. l. zsnfor complaint Lcontplemerzt. P.4r. l. 2.6. for continued read contaitfd. R62. 1. 2.3. dele or. P. 1oz. l. 2.7. for Wsrel. vvherv- P- 118. for ntyfltry. l. toy/leafy 5 P. 174. 1.15. after of add a letter from.

Theje Book: following were writ by fl/Ir. Locke.

AN Eflhv of Human Llnderfianding in Fol. Two Treatifes of Government in 8w. z Letters concerning Toleration, 4m. ~ The Reafoneblenefs of Chrifiiatmity, 81m, With two ‘Jindica- firms of the fame. 8w- Some Thoughts concerning Education. 8w. Several Papers relating to Money, Interefi and Trade. 8w. Letter and two Replies to the Bp. of Worcefler. 8x10. Pctaphrafe and Notes on the Epifiles to the GaLztIanS Corin- thians I“ and 1d, Romans, and Ephefinns. With a dieneral

Preface. 4m. Several Pofihutnous WOYKS- 8w.