1o the Mafler of a Family. 1o;

On the whole, the Qxefiion lies in a very little Room. Have I proved by what I have laid before, that Fivriift~ Prayer is a reafonable Thing E That it has a Tendency to promote the Honour of Goo, and the lnteretl 0F Religion, and your own Salvation, with that of tfwofe who are committed to your Care F If you are really convinced of this, then all the general Precepts whie-im require the Love of Goo and your Neighbour, all that recommend a Regard to the lnterclt of (brill, and a Concern for our own everlafiing I-Iappinefs, bind it in this Conneélion as certainly upon us, as ifit had been comznanded in Words as exprefs as thoie, in which we are required '* la 222101“ inta our C/ajelr, and tbere to [my t0 our Fat/Jar ruJ/irr’) i: irzjécret T.

And I will farther add, that if the Care of FamiZy-Re- ligian be, (asl fuppofe every l\'lan’s Confcience will fe- cretly telliFy that it is,) a proper Part of a Religious Edu- caticu, then all thofe many Palfages of Scripture which recommend this, muft in all Reafon be underfiood as in- cluding that. But perhaps you may be ready to plead,

2. That it is generally neg/efied."

Yet fcarce can you have made or thought of this Ob~ jeflion, but you will fee at the firlt Glance, that this mull turn upon yourfelf, rather than on the whole ap- pear favourable to your Caufe. It is the Reproach of our Age, if it be indeed generally neglefied. And if it be generally excluded from the Families of the Rich and the Great, (who tqo frequently fet the F alhion, where they are molt apt to fet it wrong,) let it rather awaken a generous lndignation in our Breafl, to think that it is fo excluded. At leafl, let it awaken a holy Zeal to exert ourfelves f0 much the more, as it is certain that no Al'- fociation in Vice can {ecure thofe that join in it: For it

is exprefsl)’ laid, 1/20’ Harzdjoin in Hand, t/re PViréedfla/I"

not 5e unsung/fined 1‘. So will your Obedience be the more acceptable, in Proportion to the Degree in which it is fingular. Were there not one praying Family in the

E 4 whole 5* Matt. vi. 6, a ‘l- This Part of the Argument is inforced with peculiar Strength by that great and excellent Writer Mr. Howe, in his Poflbumous Ser- mans on the Subjeé}; which I egrncftly recommend to every Reade; that can get an Opportunity of perufing them. - I; Prev. xirazs.