Fanzily-Relzgion recommended

mending; to many, whom their own Experience hath inllruéled in the Pleafures and Advantages which flow from them; an Experience, which will inforce them more eEeélually than any Thing which it is poilible for me to fay. Such will, I hope, by what they read, be confirmed in purfuing the good Refoluzion they have- taken, and the good Cufioms they have formed; and will allio be excited more earneflly to endeavour to con- tribute IOWHTClS introducing the like, into other Families over which they have any Influence, and efpecially into thofe which may branch out from their own, by the Settlement ofChildren or Servants. In this View, as well as to awaken their Thankfulnefs to Divine Grace, which hath inclined them to the Difcharge of their Duty in f0 great, yet f0 frequently neglected, an Article of it, I hope the Heads of praying Families will not perufe this Letter in train. thofe, who have hitherto lived in the Omiflion of it:

Eut it is intended as an Addrefs to 1

And if there wtere on one fuch Mailer of a Family un- *

der my Care, I would gladly liubmit to the Labour in which I am now engaging for bi: Sake alum. To Inch

therefore l now turn myfelf; and Oh that Divine

Grace might engage every one of fuch a Character to hear me with Attention, and might inforce upon his

Confcience the Weight of Reafons, the Evidence of which the Lowell may receive, and to which it is im-

pofiible that the Highelt Ihould find any Thing folid to I

Object l

Oh my dear Friend, whoever you are, (for I know no one under my Care to whom I may not addrefs that Appellation) give me Leave to tell you plainly, that while I write this I have that awakening Scripture in

my View: Pour out t5)’ Fury upon tlae Heat/rm that bzww '7

2/220 120i, and upon THE FAllllL [ES ‘THJT CAL L NOT ON TH?’ NAME *. Man of ordinary Senfe and Underllanding, (as it need-s no more,) to judge whether this do not ilrongly imply that it may be taken for granted, e-"very Family, which

is not a Heat/zen Family, which is not quite ignorant of

J a l

the living and true G01), will call upon bi: Name. Well

may it then pain my Heart, to think that there (hould

h: I; 25g

I appeal to you as at


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